Protect Your Property From Destructive Termites In Perth

termite infestation in Australia
termite infestation in Australia

Protect Your Property From Destructive Termites In Perth 

Have you ever encountered a termite infestation in Perth? Do you know the destructive consequences of ignoring signs of termites? Hundreds of homes in Perth become victims of termite infestation every year, and the aftermath is always irreparable. 

According to a survey, it is revealed that termites attack close to 7.2 million households annually. Since the infestation is so detrimental to your property, it is recommended to hire pest control Perth professional  so that you can get rid of the devastating situation the right way. 

What Are Termites?

Termites are also known as white ants or silent killers. The name perfectly does what it claims to do. Their bodies measure 25 millimeters and can be found in thousands of species. 

There are estimated 360 classified species of termites. Regardless of the species that invade your properties, termites shouldn’t be dealt with immediately. 

How Do You Know You Have A Termite Infestation?

Termites will never make their existence known unless they begin to cause damage. The worst part about their infestation is that they multiply at an alarming rate! A little observation can help you find out about a termite infestation on your property. Let us have a look at a few telltale signs.

A Knocking Sound On The Wood

This is considered the easiest sign to detect a termite infestation in homes. All you have to do is knock on any wooden furniture in your property and notice if the sound it makes is hollow or soft. 

If you are still confused, you can try drilling a screwdriver inside, and if it goes in easily, there is a high chance of termites infesting the wood. Besides, termites feed on timber, so the easiest way to discover their existence is to notice the change in your wooden furniture.

Clicking Sound 

Every insect has their unique way of communicating with each other. With termites, they signal their partners by banging their heads against the wood in case of an impending threat. Therefore, if you hear a strange noise from inside the wood, know that termites are possibly communicating with each other. 

Fallen Wings

Some termites are the flying ones with slightly transparent and long wings. Therefore, if you find their wings lying around your property, it will inevitably point to a termite infestation. 

Mud Tubes

Whether it’s termites or ants in general, they always leave behind a highway of soil or mud when digging inside wood or walls for food. Suppose you notice such mud tubes of soil or mud around your house despite maintaining complete cleanliness. In that case, it is recommended to take serious notice before these creatures wreck your property.  

Live Termites

You will always find termites in swarms. They work together to find their food and destroy your property. If thousands exist in your premises, there are chances that you might encounter one of two flying ones. Do not delay hiring termite control Perth solutions to keep the problem of termites at bay. 

How Fast Can Termites Destroy A Property? 

In most cases, it depends on the size of the termite colony to decide how long it takes to destroy properties. A mature termite infestation can include up to 60,000 to 2 million termites. They can wreck a property in 2 to 5 years. 

Their proliferation rate is quite fast, where a female termite can lay eggs up to 1,000 per day. The longer you leave termites unattended in your property, the faster you will see your property facing serious consequences. Therefore, hire professional and skilled termite pest control Perth services to safeguard your properties. 

What Are The Damages Caused By Termites?

Pest infestation is the worst problem anybody wants to come across in properties. Among the pesky infestations, termites are the most destructive of all insects. 

Residents in Perth have witnessed significant structural damages and complications with termites around. A few damages they cause are irreparable. 

Therefore, you shouldn’t delay hiring termite control Perth whenever you cite their minor signs. Among the many damages they cause, some are listed below –

  • Termites cause major structural damage to your house. Some species of termites like the subterranean termites need moisture to survive. This may mean that they will stay near the soil and the foundation wood of your homes. Damage to these areas will inevitably cause an expensive repair and impact other areas of your house.
  • They cause irreparable damage to the wooden windows and doors. Termites cause wooden destruction that you cannot repair. Most property owners do not repair and bring back the wood eaten up by termites. They fear the chance of another infestation. Termites live on timber; therefore, everything wooden in your house is at high risk with termites around. They can crawl under your house, into the attic, and areas around the house made of wood. It also includes the window and door frames that are made of wood. 
  • Termites consume almost everything they find inside properties, including walls, ceilings, and floors. They live underground and find a suitable atmosphere to thrive and multiply, and what better than your home. If you leave termite infestations unattended in your property, they can cause structural and foundational damages. 
  • Termites find cellulose-based material quite suitable for consumption. Termites can easily destroy your rugs, books, photo frames. Carpets especially serve as a perfect place for termites to grow and live.

Termites Species In Perth

There are several species of termites existing in the world. However, the most commonly found ones that are capable of damage in Perth are –

Subterranean Termites

The subterranean termites are the most common ones found in Perth. They live under the ground and are responsible for most damages. They also create termite mounds. They live on wood, especially the rotten ones, due to their easier digestion. 

Drywood Termites

Drywood Termites come under the category of termites that do not live under the ground. They spend their life occupying a single piece of wood, furniture, or even a single tree. The dry-wood termites can live in high humidity and extract water from the wood they infest. 

Dampwood Termites

Dampwood Termites usually infest damp wood. Decaying trees, damp wood, rotten wood are great food sources and a perfect place for damp wood termites to live and grow. This species of termites are usually easier to identify and get rid of when found in properties. 

Regardless of the species, termites are extremely chaotic pests; therefore, look for reliable and efficient termite control Perth services to efficiently handle the crisis of termites. 

Interesting Facts About Termites

It is estimated that almost 20% of Perth homes are already a victim of termite infestations. The chances of you not being on the list are quite low. If you fear even the name of termites, do not worry as you are not alone. If you have already been a victim of a termite infestation, you know the consequences. Well, we will state some interesting and amusing facts about termites that will help you understand the pest better. 

  • Termites are called by different names, like ‘white ants,’ ‘silent killer,’ or even ‘The most industrious insect in the animal kingdom.’ Since they grow so fast and multiply in thousands, termites work in excellent coordination. Termite mounds are among the most amusing animal-made structures globally.
  • Did you know that termites never sleep? All the amazing and fascinating structures are a product of their relentless hard work that lasts 24/7. Even ants that work hard all around the year sleep in microsessions. However, in the case of termites, they never sleep! Now you will know why your house or office witnesses such speedy damage. It is because termites do not sleep or take rest. They work, feed, and consume everything the whole day! For this reason, hiring immediate termite control Perth services as soon as you cite termites is crucial. 
  • As mentioned above, termites multiply extremely fast. You will be fascinated to know that a queen termite lays eggs every 15-20 seconds. Just like how termites never sleep, queens do their job too. They lay eggs every second without taking breaks. It is estimated that a queen can lay almost thousands of eggs in a single day. 
  • Just like in the case of honey bees, termites also hail their queen. Termite queens are long-lived, where they can live up to almost 25 years. 
  • Some termites are excellent in creating colonies, so much that they can potentially build a truck full of termites by themselves. No wonder the damages caused are so severe and irreparable.
  • All colonies of termites consist of a King and a Queen. These two are considered the main reproductives in the termite world. However, the kings do not live as long as queens. After the maturation of one colony, the king and queen allowed other reproductives called alates to fly and build new colonies. Imagine the destruction they cause with their teamwork!
  • Termites need to maintain immense hygiene to survive. If not, their colony will be wiped out by bacteria or germs. Therefore, you can say that termites are extremely hygienic. Ironic, isn’t it!
  • Did you know that in certain parts of the world, termites are treated as delicacies? They are nutritious and serve as a great source of protein. In some parts of Asia, they are used for medicinal purposes too.
  • Termites have been living in this world since the age of trees. They are estimated to have evolved 250 million years ago. In fact, trees are considered younger than termites, making the latter an ancient disaster. 
  • The majority of the termites are blind. Most of the termites, excluding the king and queen, are born blind. Some that have an eye do not use them. The blind ones use the vibration caused by banging heads to move around. 
  • Since termites signal danger by banging their heads against the wood they feed on, you can hear them. 

Why Do You Need Pest Control For Termites

There are innumerable reasons why you need the services of an efficient pest control near me company to keep pests like termites away from properties. 

  • With professional pest control services, you will have peace of mind. Since lives have become hectic, you may ignore signs of pests in your property due to lack of time. With professional pest control, be assured that they will take care of everything in your homes or offices. 
  • Many property owners turn to professional pest control for assistance after all of their DIY hacks fail. With stubborn pests like rodents and cockroaches or destructive pests like termites that build several colonies, temporary solutions do not always work. With such pests, you need a professional company that uses the modern and latest equipment and tools to eradicate even the minutest signs of pesky infestations. 
  • A professional pest control company has the experience that you need to handle the issue of termites. With experience, they precisely know the areas to inspect and drill to eliminate every sign of termites. Therefore, professional termite control Perth services are the best way to go about a termite infestation. Additionally, they have the best pest control prices Perth that will not burden your pocket.
  • As mentioned above, termites work relentlessly to destroy your homes. Before you even notice, they will already cause damages you never imagined. With professionals, the best part is their efficiency and quick services. They offer 24/7 availability to assist you in any pest problems you face. 

FAQs About Termite Infestations

What Is The Difference Between Ant Colonies And Termite Colonies?

The termite swarmers usually have bead-like antennae, and their hind and front wings are of equal length. However, in the case of ants, they have long front wings than their hind wings. 

Why Is Pest Control Necessary To Eradicate Termites?

Termite control Perth or any other pest control is vital to eradicate active infestations. Furthermore, regular inspection and treating of properties is also crucial to prevent any termite infestations in properties. 

Do Termites Go Away On Their Own?

The answer to this is never! Termites consume wood. Therefore, they intend to build colonies and homes in a suitable atmosphere rather than leaving the place. 


With termite infestations, please do not take the risk of leaving them unattended. In some cases, they also spread asthma and other allergic reactions. Therefore, invest in yourself and the safety of your property by hiring efficient termite control Perth services. 

With skilled advice, a pest treatment company in Perth can effectively remove termites. You can contact Xterminate Pest Control Perth at any time by visiting their official website. They service commercial and residential customers in HillsNorth of the River and South of the River.

To get rid of termites, they employ only pet and kid-friendly products. Customer testimonials on their website will inform others about how well they strive to improve society. They also have a robust preventative mechanism in place to ensure that these troublesome pests do not return. 

Clients are most interested in a cost-effective and optimal termite eradication process provided by a Pest Control Perth company. For individuals in need, they frequently offer customized solutions, and you can obtain a free quote.

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