How Often Should You Have a Pest Inspection?

Factors Affecting the Frequency of Pest Inspection

Undoubtedly, pest inspection is essential to maintain your home or property free from nuisance pests. Pest control in Sydney ensures the protection of homes or businesses against the invasion of these creatures. A once-a-year inspection should be performed but factors are affecting the time frame in terms of pest control inspection.

Age and Construction of Your Property

The age and construction of your property are some of the factors to be considered. If your home is an older one, you are likely to be at risk of pest infestation. Your property required more frequent pest control inspections. You can at least have a quarterly inspection to make sure pests cannot do further damage. After the inspection has been done, the technician will discuss his findings and recommend you treatment or solutions if needed.

Heavily Wooded Areas

Residential and commercial properties in heavily wooded areas require frequent pest inspections. Most pests are attracted to weakened, damaged and dead plants making wood areas their favourite place to hide. If your property is beside this area, you will probably acquire different destructing pests. To prevent the damage and health threats brought by pests, frequent pest inspection is necessary.

Type of Pest in Your Property

For instance, having a cockroach infestation is a sign that you should carry out a bi-monthly service. They are a fast-growing population of pests. Within 35 days, a single pair of roaches can produce up to 400,000 descendants in a year. Unfortunately, if you have a lot of adults in your home, you’ll gain millions of cockroaches within just a month. If this happens, it is hard to eliminate them. Performing pest control inspections twice a month or every two months can lessen the harm and damage these roaches might bring to your property.

Importance of A Regular Pest Control Inspection

Particularly, having a regular pest control inspection will enable you to identify any existing pest problems. If a problem is identified, you can take immediate action thus, preventing the upcoming harm brought by harmful pests.

Ignoring pests on your property can worsen the problem. Knowing the fact that pests like termites, cockroaches and rats love to destroy homes and building structures. If this happens, the cost of the problem grows well financially. To save time and money, carrying out regular pest inspections should be your priority.

Furthermore, health threats brought by different pests are serious, even deadly. Pests such as rodents and cockroaches carry various diseases through their urine and droppings. The health of your family will be at risk if they acquire the deadly disease called Leptospirosis. In addition, pests like rats are known to chew electrical wiring which can cause a fire. Termites infestation also brought health risks and damages to home structures. To guarantee the safety of your loved ones, consider carrying out regular pest inspections to immediately exterminate infestations identified.

Aside from health safety and structural buildings, peace of mind is also the best thing a pest control inspection can do for you. Having a pesky pest infestation in your area can cause you anxiety. With regular pest control Sydney inspections, you will rest assured that you, your family and your home will be safe from danger.


Common Recurring Pest Infestations

Australia is known for common pest infestations. Aside from its beautiful scenery and incredible beaches, it also consists of various insects and pesky pests that can be dangerous. In fact, pests are considered to be one of the major problems in the country of Australia. Specifically, residential homes and commercial properties are mostly invaded by different pests. The most recurring pest in Sydney are the following:


Roaches have over 4,000 species worldwide and 450 are classified to live in Australia. Having various species make cockroaches one of the most common pests to infest in homes and businesses. For instance, roaches can lay thousands of eggs each year with only a single pair of male and female. If you have cockroaches in your area, you are highly prone to infestation.

Moreover, cockroaches prosper in areas with an abundance of food, water, and shelter. Worst, they eat anything like vegetable material, paper, leather, fabric and grease particles. Most horribly, cockroaches bring serious diseases such as diarrhea, dysentery, typhoid fever and cholera. Hence, the fastest way to eliminate them is by hiring pest control in Sydney.


Most Aussie households are having the biggest even the scariest spiders in the world. Over 3,500 species of spiders are identified to live in Australia. It comes as no surprise if spiders are abundant in Australia because it is also the home of different insects.  Hence, insects serve as the food of spiders.  

Additionally, some spiders are harmless but there are a few which are poisonous and deadly. In fact, the world’s deadliest spider, Sydney funnel-web spider, is living in Australia. Deadly or not, having these pests in your home is uncomfortable. They can build a web in the entire house making your property unattractive. To exterminate them faster, a professional pest control company is the best option for a safe and assured solution.


Rats and mice are another nuisance pest to infest your property. These two are known to spread more than 35 diseases worldwide. The most popular are hantavirus, leptospirosis, lymphocytic choriomeningitis (LCMV), Tularemia, and Salmonella. Not only this, rats dropping and urine can trigger asthma and allergy reaction.

Furthermore, rodents eat just anything. From paper to clothing and even wires. Aside from stealing and contaminating your food at night, they can bite electrical wires that may cause a short circuit. Without a doubt, they brought several damages. This is why it is important to act fast to treat these pests.

 Bed Bugs

Unluckily, bed bugs are prevalent in Australia. The bed bug population had an increase of 5,000 between 2000 and 2017 in Australia, according to a 2017 report. Bed bugs are tiny oval-shaped pests living in cracks and crevices. They can be around your bed, cabinets, windows and ceiling. Specifically, these bugs feed on human blood.

Moreover, bed bug bites are extremely itchy leaving a mark on your arms. Another thing about them is the fact that they can live a year without eating anything. Mostly, bed bugs attack humans when asleep. They use their proboscis to pierce the skin and drink a person’s blood. They may not bring diseases but their bites can irritate and swell the skin. It is still important and safe to deal with them as soon as possible.


Ants may seem harmless which is mostly what they are. However, once an infestation of ants living around your house, you’ll find them inconvenient to be with. Ants bite are painful and extremely itchy especially the aggressive bull ants. If you won’t get rid of them they will ruin everything about your food. Even though they are very small, they can chew plastics. So, even your favourite snack is wrapped, it cannot escape ants.

Moreover, ants are not hard to kill. The easiest and cheapest way of killing them is through boiled water. However, due to their growing population, they cannot be eliminated completely. There are as well chemicals that are effective but harmful to health especially if one of you in the house suffer from asthma.

Tips in Choosing the Right Pest Control Company

Pest Control Services is the most effective way of addressing pest issues. Surely, you want to live at home healthily and safely. Hiring a pest control company is easy. Within 60 seconds they’ll be right there for you. However, is the company you are going to hire worth your money and time? There are tips on how to effectively choose a pest control company.

Look for Reviews and Online Reputation

Generally, a wise move to buy a product online is to look for its reviews. The same applied to hiring a pest control company. Reading google reviews and customer feedback can help you assess whether the company is helpful or not. Company ratings are also important to check for. Find a company with the highest ratings because it means they are trusted and reliable. If you find them worthy, you can move ahead by calling them.

Check the Methods and Processes

Another thing you should focus on is the methods and processes the company uses. Each pest control company have different methods executed to carry out the treatment. Some are not environmentally and animal friendly. Some use toxic chemicals in their treatments that are harmful not just to pets but to humans as well.  A pest solution should be eco-friendly. You can choose safe and effective pest control services for a better result.

Do Not Hire Unprofessional Agency

Unprofessional agencies may be affordable but they are not effective. Professional agencies have quality-based services. To know whether they are unprofessional or professional can be based on their processes. A professional agency checks the property before carrying out solutions. Another thing is professionals document everything during the process and answer all queries of a customer. An authentic pest control company is knowledgeable enough to know everything about the service.

The Higher the Price, The Greater the Quality

Assessing the price is important. However, when it comes to services even products, the higher the cost, the worth the service is. Do not let saving money compromise the quality. Always seek quality over price in terms of pest control services. Pest Control Sydney has a lot of professional pest control companies that can answer all your problems.

Tips to Maintain a Pest-Free Home or Business

Clean the Trash Bins

Trash bins are one of the favourite places for most pests. The bacteria from trash bins can be carried by pests inside your home and contaminate your food. Drain flies, rats and cockroaches are among those pests who love dwelling with garbage. That is why cleaning the trash bins regularly can help lessen the reason for pest attraction on your property.

Fix any leakage

Pests such as cockroaches and drain flies love damp and dark areas. They mainly thrive in this place for food and water. Therefore, fix any leakages in indoor and outdoor pipes, pipes under the sink and leaking faucets as soon as possible.

Keep the kitchen clean

Avoid leftover food on the table. Your kitchen is prone to pests in search of food. Do not let dirty utensils sink overnight. Store your foods and ingredient in a tight container. Also, make sure to inspect all surfaces of your kitchen before totally leaving them at night. Pet food is also an attraction to pests. So, if you have a pet it is better to make sure no pet food is scattered around the floor.

Make sure to seal the cracks and holes

Prevent pests from entering your home. This means all cracks and crevices should be close for this is mostly their entry especially those flying insects. Doors and windows should have no gaps because this is the potential entry point for pests. In some cases, those cracks get worse because pests such as rats, mice and termites can break woods.

Trim the Outdoor Plants

Plants or shrubs can be a great home of insects such as mosquitoes, spiders and bugs. Those plants leaning outside your home should be trimmed for it can serve as their way to travel into your house.

Regular Pest control Inspection

Overall, the most effective way of keeping your property free from pests is through carrying out regular pest inspections. Surely, an alternative way of treating pests might be effective for some time but not for a long time. Pests if not treated properly will come back especially if your area is abundant with food and water. Through pest control service, they are going to take care of everything for you without stressing yourself.

ABC Pest Control Sydney is the top-rated pest control company that is cost-friendly and offers quality service. A once or twice a year pest inspection by pest experts can help you live the life you deserve away from pests. See more details about ABC pest Control on their website or on our Google Business Profile.

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