Spring Season The Best Time for Pest Control in Sydney

Pests have their best season to get active. They may be quiet for some time but when September approaches, they are fast approaching as well. More likely, the spring season is the best time for pests to flourish. Most horribly, spring pests in Sydney become more aggressive in invading your property for a shelter to reproduce and collect food. Hence, pest control in Sydney becomes essential to keep your home or business safe during this season.

Sydney’s spring season is well known for pest control from September to November. However, if you are eager to get rid of your pests, you have to learn why spring is the best time for pest control in Sydney. Through this, you’ll be able to come up with effective preventative measures in putting away stubborn pests.

Spring Is the Perfect Time For Pests to Breed

Naturally, spring is the season with a warm temperature that is perfect for mating. Most pests hide during the entire winter season but get out of their hiding places during spring. The reason why they hide is that their body cannot deal with the cold. Therefore, when spring comes, they jump for joy. 

Along with this, springtime is essential for insects in reproducing for the next generation. Pests such as cockroaches, termites, bees and wasps roam around to find a mate until they reach your house. They lay hundreds and even thousands of eggs each year. No wonder infestation of pests is more likely to happen this season.

Whereas, insects such as flies and mosquitoes find spring as the ideal time to breed. Rain collected in swamp areas and containers is a perfect breeding place for these insects. Similar to other insects, they lay hundreds even thousands of eggs each year. 

Pests are not prohibited to multiply. Some of them help balance the ecosystem. However, when they start to invade your house and give you a headache, it is time to do your business with them. 

Spring Is the Perfect Time For Pests to Collect Food

Spring is not only the time for a breeding ground. Pests are thriving during this season to collect food in preparation for winter. Ants, flies, bees and spiders find spring as the best time to earn food due to the abundance of crops and wildflowers. For instance, the awakening of other insects is an opportunity for the spider to feed. Bountiful nectars of flowers are driving bees crazy. Ants are in so much excitement pestering your candies and flies are buzzing out of hunger at the top of your meal.

Despite the perseverance of these spring pests in Sydney to feed their stomach as a human does, their harm is inevitable. The diseases and bacteria they carry are beyond tolerating. It is always better to not have pests roaming around your house for the safety of your loved ones. 

Most Active Sydney Pests During the Spring Season 

Surely, you’ll be asking yourself what are the common pests that invade your house during the spring season. Obviously, you want to get ready for the possible solutions. Not all pests are having the same season to get active. There are winter pests, autumn pests, summer pests and spring pests. 

The following are the most active spring pests in Sydney:

  • Bees 

Without a doubt, bees are a lot more active during this time. It is their nature to pollinate flowers, collect nectar and make honey. Bees are active due to flowers blooming during the spring season. They emerge when the weather warms up to pollinate plants. Aside from pollination, they are collecting nectars from spring flowers. 

Specifically, bees are of great contribution to our ecosystem. However, the venom from a honey bee sting can cause a severe allergic reaction resulting in serious medical attention. 

Moreover, preventing honey bee infestation means lessening the number of flowers near your house. Since flowers are a bee’s partner, make sure that the flowers you chose to display are not available for pollination. As well, not leaving foods and drinks in trash cans can also prevent bees from coming in on your property. 

In case there is a bee infestation, contact a beekeeper. They will remove the nest safely without harming you or the bee. One thing you should not do is threaten the bees by destroying their nest or else they will never get rid of you seriously. 

  • Cockroaches

Another pest problem during spring is cockroaches. Cockroaches come out more during this season simply because the warm temperature makes them active. They found spring to be the perfect time to breed and your house is the perfect place. In addition, cockroaches tend to enter your house to avoid extreme heat outside.

Furthermore, cockroaches, like any other insect, are dangerous. Unfortunately, these insects who want to live on your property bring diseases, bacteria and parasites. Due to the need for food, they will contaminate your areas such as cabinets, pantries and food sources. 

Since the spring season is the time for cockroach breeding, it is also the time that you will experience their frustrating infestation. If you want to get rid of cockroaches before they start to infest, you should first observe cleanliness. You should not leave dirty dishes in the sink. Avoid crumbs on the floors or counters. Put away your garbage properly. Do not let even a portion of single pet food on the floor. Mop areas with excess moisture and throw cans with leftover food. 

However, if you encounter an infestation, you should seek pest control professionals in Sydney. Contact a pest control company with expertise and experience that can deliver great service. 

  • Ants

These spring pests in Sydney are small but terrible. Ants are a good example of hard work. For instance, they will collect food during spring to be ready for winter. Before entering your house for food, they are going to make a colony you will hate so much. The next thing you discover, you are already suffering from swollen and itchy bites of these pests. 

In addition, ants have been through a lot of dirty areas before arriving in your home. Since their first purpose is to search for food, they will likely contaminate your sweets with dirt in their bodies. Therefore, it is not safe and healthy to have ants roaming in and out of your property. 

Moreover, seeing a single ant should not calm you. Once this pest tracks a food source inside your house, they will surely invite hundreds of their friends. You will get surprised by a hundred visitors all of a sudden. Thus, The first thing you should do during spring is to avoid scattering foods around your house. Everything should be kept in a fridge or in a closed cabinet impossible for them to discover.

Additionally, if you see ants in line, spray them immediately. It’s either a liquid or powder solution. Just make sure it is safe. Tracking their colony is also a great way to kill them. You can spray poison or if there isn’t, hot water will do. If you have done everything and still they disturb you, contact a pest control service to address your problem. 

  • Flies and Mosquitoes

Flies and mosquitoes are a perfect combination of disease and stress. Imagine having a party with different delicious food only to be landed by flies. Not only does this cause loss of appetite to your visitors but diseases and bacteria as well. Flies can cause food poisoning, tuberculosis, dysentery, cholera, and parasitic worm infections. Moreover, flies are active during the spring season because of the warm temperature. Warm temperatures contribute to the rapid development of flies like any other insect. 

Mosquitoes are as well the most annoying pest of all. Their bites can give you the most irritating feeling. Aside from itchiness, mosquitoes can cause malaria and dengue fever. Early wet spring makes mosquitoes start reproducing. This is because mosquitoes lay their eggs in the water left during rainfall. They will breed in places like open cans or bottles with little water inside. They are active once the temperature reaches above 10 degrees. 

There are simple ways to get rid of flies and mosquitoes temporarily. When you notice these pests circling you, put on a fan. Flies and mosquitoes are unable to fly in a strong wind. Another thing is, if you have a pet, make sure to clean their waste immediately before flies find it out. Closing all windows, doors, and roof vents are also a big help in preventing these insects. 

As stated, mosquitoes breed in dirty waters. To stop their breeding, check all possible breeding grounds in your surrounding and clear them all up. Mosquito repellants plants are also effective but for a limited time only. If you want to permanently get rid of these spring pests in Sydney, connect with skilled pest controllers.

  • Spiders

One of the different kinds of insects in your house is the annoying spiders. Hibernation of insects during spring is great timing for spiders to feed. Spring isn’t the only time that spiders shelter your house. The truth is, they’ve been there before. They just hide because of the cold weather during winter. Probably, when you have outside activities for weeks to witness the wonder of the spring season, expect webs embracing your walls and ceiling. 

Since spiders are afraid of rain, this season is also the time for them to go outside and find a mate for reproduction. Spiders feed on insects like flies, mosquitoes, ants, fleas, and moths. While this idea is better for getting rid of insects, spiders are just as stubborn as these pests. Their drops on your favorite paintings will make you scream with anger. 

Furthermore, it only takes an hour for a spider to construct an orb web. In this case, you’ll end up cleaning their webs every day to maintain the appearance of your home. If they grow an infestation, it will be even harder for you to exterminate them.

To get rid of spiders is to get rid first of their primary food source which is insects. However, if you had a bunch of different insects living with you, it is better to contact experts with pest control.

Why Is Spring the Best Time for Pest Control In Sydney

While we enjoy the relaxing effects of spring, let us not forget those little crawling and flying creatures ready to ruin our mood and pocket. In particular, spring is the best chance to combat pests by meeting them out of their hiding places. 

Sydney’s average temperature during spring ranges from 11°C to 23°C. It is the season of the year when the call for pest control services is high in numbers. Unfortunately, while you are eager to get rid of them through DIYs, they are just hard to eliminate. Most Sydney residents find it hard to control pests themselves because of their growing number just right after weeks of breeding.

Professional pest control companies such as ABC Pest Control Sydney provide services that you and your family need. This company not only had skilled technicians but experienced experts as well. They knew better the nature of the pests and the season they get most active. They use the safest solutions that are safe for your children and pets. You can navigate on their website to see the range of services and affordable packages that they offer and to contact them. Furthermore, you may take time to read their Google reviews to know more about why Sydney trusts ABC Pest Control experts.

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