Bed Bugs, Bird Lice or Fleas – What is Biting Me

What is Biting Me in My Home? – Bed Bugs Bird Lice or Fleas

Bed Bugs Bird Lice or Flea – If you have or have ever had a pest infestation. For instance, if you have been bitten by a pest or insect. You may find this story interesting. Courtesy of ABC Pest Control Sydney, we will give you some valuable information. That most likely, you were not aware of. Read on to get the inside information. Firstly, let us take a look at fleas to a trained eye. Are quite easy to spot.

Do You Have Fleas?

To demonstrate, fleas are easy to detect. Meaning that if you have fleas in your home. Essentially, they are reasonably easy to identify. Generally, fleas are black or a dark colour. Moreover, flea infestations may resemble small black peppercorns on the floor.

You can, if you look closely see them jump. Comparatively, like bed bugs and bird mites, have a lust for blood.

Fleas will jump 30cm on to someone looking for a feed. They are very attracted to cats and dogs. Secondly, you may want to search the coat of your dog or cat. For example, if you see black pepper-like spots. This is another fast way of knowing if you have fleas.

They tend to make a leap for it. Generally, when we threaten them. Essentially, it is a superpower when you consider how big a flea is. To take note, fleas multiply very quickly laying 300 eggs at a time.

Where Do You Generally Find Flea Bites? – Bed Bugs Bird Lice or Fleas

Mostly, you will find flea bites around your ankles and legs. Usually, these bites are extremely itchy. You will also find at times find them further up on the legs. They can also be found at times in your armpits. Generally, they can be found in the crevasses of your body.

The bites look like small round welts and will generally form into a small blister.

A Quick Tip for Landlords and Fleas

Lastly, fleas can lay dormant even when there is no flesh to bite. For example, if you are a landlord it is always good to have an end of lease pest treatment. Especially, if the previous tenant has had pets.

In essence, this gives you peace of mind knowing you won’t get complaints from the word go. The reason is, if the fleas have not fed for a period of time. They will bite the first chance they get. Meaning your new tenants will be bitten as soon as they move in.

To summarize, if you have fleas, they are easy to identify if you know what you are looking for. If you are a resident of Sydney, Newcastle or the Central Coast contact ABC Pest Control. If not, simply google your local pest controller.

Do You Have Bed Bugs or Bird Lice Biting You?

Bird lice or sometimes known as bird mites. In fact, are often mistaken by people as bed bugs. Essentially, meaning that when we are getting bitten. Many of us will assume it is bed bugs. This is, without the slightest clue you may be dealing with bird lice. In essence, mites from birds have such an intense and uncomfortable bite. You could easily be forgiven for thinking this.

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How Do I Tell the Difference Between Bed Bugs and Bird Lice Attacks?

Specifically, the story will begin like this. You will be noticing that you have bites on certain parts of your body. Essentially, these could be anywhere from head to toe. You are sure you do not have fleas.

Chiefly, the easiest way is to determine which of these you have. Simply, is to contact your local pest controller and ask. However, if you are looking to identify the difference yourself. Then please read on.

Professional Pest Control Operators are Aware of the Difference.

Generally, pest control operators are aware of what the difference is. Furthermore, an expert will be able to tell you over the phone. Essentially, if you have a case of bed bugs or bird lice. Moreover, both of these pests can make your life a living hell. As an observation, let us delve into the world of bed bug bites and bite lice invasions.

Why Would I have Bird Lice? – Bed Bugs Bird Lice or Fleas

Consistently, the reason you would have bird lice or bird mites. Mostly, in the spring birds build nests and have babies. Within the nests and amongst the birds. Generally, you will find lice or mites. The creatures feed on the blood of the birds.

Instantly, when all the birds leave the nest. Simultaneously, they leave behind the lice which are hungry. These lice will at all costs find their way to a food source, namely you. Meaning if birds build nests in the gutters or roof of your home. Effectively, this will leave you prone to bird lice or mites.

As a note, the nest does not always need to be in your home. In fact, it could be a neighbours home or a tree. Bird lice will go to the closest source they can to feed. Lastly, the birds leave not one or two mites but thousands. If the bird mite could talk, it would say my food source is gone. Look, there are humans down there, yum.

Bird Lice Bites and What to Know – Bed Bugs Bird Lice or Fleas

To illustrate, bird lice are generally yellow in colour. However, once they have fed, they will turn blood red. The type of birds they tend to live on are pigeons, sparrows and Indian myna birds.

As a fact, the mites are tenacious when looking for sustenance. As a rule, the mites when biting you. Essentially, inject saliva which leads to irritation to most people. Effectively this leads to reddish pink spots. At this point, is when people can become confused. As to what is actually leading to the irritation. To be honest, these bites can become painful especially on soft skin such as a child.

As mentioned, many people believe they are being bitten by bed bugs. In this case, you may want to tick some boxes. Before making your final assumption.

Bird Mite Bites

What Do Bed Bug Bites Look Like? – Bed Bugs Bird Lice of Fleas

You may be surprised to know bed bugs do not bite everyone. Or rather, not everyone has a reaction to them. As an illustration, bed bug bites are an allergic reaction. This is where it gets complicated. In essence, bed bug bites have a wide range of reactions. Even medical staff can have a hard time. Simply, identifying exactly what the issue is.

For instance, bed bugs like the name suggest. Generally, will be found between the mattress and the base of the bed. They will hide there until you turn in for sleep. Mostly, they will not bite you until you are actually sleeping. Afterwards, they will feed on you.

Saying this, if they are very famished, they will bite anytime. It really doesn’t matter where you are and if you are awake or asleep. However, mostly it is the latter because if you are asleep. They will feed undisturbed

Bed Bugs are brown and round. Look for them as mention along the side of the mattress. As mentioned, Bed Bug bites can range quite dramatically.

In What Ways Will Bed Bugs Enter My Home? – Bed Bugs Bird Lice or Fleas

In a nutshell, bed bugs are hitchhikers. For example, if you go somewhere that has bed bugs. You can bring them home with you. Or if you have visitors that stay for a period time. Essentially this can lead to bed bug activity, any of us are prone. Generally, places like hotels and backpackers. Are places you may come in contact with bed bugs. In essence, places that have high human traffic.

Are you a resident of Sydney Australia? – Bed Bugs Bird Lice or Fleas

If you are a resident of Sydney, Newcastle or the Central Coast. Also, have any issues with pest control, Contact ABC Pest Control Sydney. In essence, we offer a full range of pest control solutions. For any pest that may be making your life difficult.

We do specialize in bed bugs and bird lice. If you need help contact us on 02 9296 9174. For the solutions you need.

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