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Frequently, homeowners do not understand they have a pest problem before it is too late and the pests have done severe harm. Are you concerned about bugs damaging your house? Do you understand exactly what it looks like if you are working with a pest infestation?

ABC Pest Control uses effective and eco-friendly methods for controlling pest infestations. Being one of the highly qualified, ABC Pest Control ensures its customers in providing quality services.

Bird Control

For homeowners, birds could be especially troubling. It’s because these bothersome critters can enter your house through vents, chimneys, downpipes and loose or missing roof tiles. Therefore, as soon as they are indoors, they could bring disease and even bird lice, or fleas.

If the pigeons in your area die or finally leaves in their nesting areas, then the fleas in its nest normally remain inside or near your home.

Therefore, they require a new host to feed. The fleas will subsequently leave their nest. They will eventually crawl their way through walls to bedrooms of sleeping with kids or pet babies, latching their way onto them.

Birds also leave droppings that may spread disease and trigger long-term irreparable harm to the inside of buildings or homes.

These bird problems are a critical issue. They’ve been damaging properties and take bird lice and fleas. That is why in this subject of pest management you want to get hold of a pest control expert before everything gets worse resulting in higher bills due to health risks, like hospitalization.

Birds can also sneak into shopping malls, hospitals, motels, office buildings, and other commercial venues. As a result, they leave droppings that can spread disease and cause long-term corrosive damage to the interior and exterior of buildings.


Fleas and Flea Infestation – Gregory Hills

Fleas are the little and annoying pests which may grow to be a significant issue within our homes. 

In reality, these parasites trigger stress, several skin issues, and raise the danger of disease transmission to our pets and our family members.

They are outside parasites and feed on the blood of mammals and birds.

Fleas do not have wings, but they’ve flat bodies and powerful legs, which permit them to jump long distances. They travel by leaping from 1 person or creature to another.

Fleas are small and can easily conceal in upholstery, and that means you might not know about their existence until a bug infestation has happened.

Additionally, they have armoured bodies which make them nearly impossible to crush, letting them flourish on your carpeting undetected.

Though human fleas can be tough to detect, once a flea infestation happens, you could have the ability to see numerous fleas hopping on your furniture or drapes. 

You may also detect that the pets scratching more than normal. You can get flea bites also in case the fleas jump out of your pet and on your entire body.


Causes of Flea Infestation

These pests are more commonly detected during hot, humid weather in the summer months. But, they might also become a problem at any time throughout the calendar year inside. 

Moreover, your furry babies can get fleas out of the region of prior infestation and from different dogs and cats.

Fleas may jump on your pet’s fur from a different pet or out of infested dirt or grass outside. When the fleas replicate, more fleas may infest your dwelling. 

They tend to hide in bed, furniture, and flooring cracks. Fleas also prefer to remain on a creature’s underbelly, so they can readily be moved to your carpeting as soon as your pet lies down.


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