Effective Rodent Control Sydney – Keeping Rodents off Your Property

Effective Rodent Control Sydney

Rodent Control Sydney – You must have been trying really hard to eradicate rodents from your home or business in Sydney. However, no matter how many times you’ve tried to eliminate them, they seem to never leave your place. In fact, you still see them around and you’re quite helpless with what to do to completely get rid of these pesky creatures.

Unlike most of many pests, majority of the rodents don’t hibernate. In fact, they’re active all year round and become more active indoors during cold or rainy seasons. For instance, there have been more cases of rodent problems during winter than in summer.

These stubborn rodents love your home for only three reasons. These are food, water, and shelter. Apparently, your home is quite nice and warm with food supplies that these creatures need to survive and breed. Thus, they will do everything to get in and stay.

Rodents have proven to be one of the most difficult pests to confront without the help of pest control experts. They are clever and stubborn and won’t easily give up their homes. Moreover, they breed so quickly that their population can increase exponentially in less than a year.

There’s, indeed, nothing more gruesome than to see these filthy rodents roaming around the corners of your house. Sighting them is really more than disgusting. But what you see is just simply the tip of the giant problem. Knowing the totality of their menace will surely shake you to your core.

This article will present to you everything you need to learn about rodents particularly mice and rats. Most importantly, the information here will enable you to understand the importance of effective rodent control. Thus, you’ll finally discover how you can effectively keep these odious rodents off your property.

What are the Most Common Rodent Problems in Sydney?

Rats and mice are the most common rodents that infest residential and commercial areas in Sydney. Each species has its own unique nature and behaviour. Hence, understanding their individuality would help you comprehend how to effectively fight them.

These two species of rodents may sometimes be hard to identify. There may be times when you even asked yourself if what you saw scurrying around was a rat or a mouse. However, they actually have quite obvious distinctions. Well, let’s discuss each for a better understanding.

The Cautious Rats in Sydney

Rats are cautious rodents that are always fearful to get into something new immediately without a longer observation. Hence, typical traps and baits may not always be effective against them.

Rats are larger than mice. Adult rats may grow an average length of 9 to 11 inchesor more not including the tail. You would usually see them in black, brown, or gray in colour. They have a blunt nose with small eyes and ears larger than that of the mice. Moreover, their tails are usually around 7 to 9 inches in length with few or no hairs and scaly in appearance.

A rat has an amazing ability to compress its body to fit in the smallest holes or cracks in your wall or any tiny spaces. In fact, if their head can get into a certain space, their entire body can certainly get through it.

These pests prefer to eat grains, meat, and fruits but they certainly can eat anything in the absence of their favourite meals. These rodents can produce up to 50 droppings a day.

Rats prefer to stay on lower levels although they can also climb higher structures. So, you can usually see them in basements or crawlspaces. In addition, their teeth are stronger than the teeth of mice. Hence, they cause more damages by gnawing your house or building materials.

The Curious Mice in Sydney

Mice are curious and social creatures that make them easy victims of traps and baits. They love to investigate new things and just usually dive immediately into something they pass by without having any second thoughts. Hence, they’re quite more vulnerable and easy to eliminate than the rats.

Mice are smaller than rats. Excluding their tail, they can grow an average length of up to around 4 inches. In addition, their tail can be around 2 to 4 inches long. They can be white, brown, or grey in colour. Moreover, they have pointed or triangular snouts with long whiskers and long, thin, and hairy tails.

Mice have teeth that are weaker than the teeth of the rats. They cannot break into or open food containers easily particularly those made of hard plastic, glass, or metal. Hence, they can be less dangerous than mice as they can’t contaminate properly sealed foods.

A mouse can eat almost anything but their top favourite foods are seeds, grains, and fruits. They are omnivorous so they can eat anything in case there is a scarcity of their preferred diet. Furthermore, mice can produce up to 100 droppings per day.

Mice have great climbing skills. Hence, they prefer to live in higher areas such as in your ceilings and attics. They gnaw light materials such as papers, boxes, and even bar soaps. Moreover, they will also try their best to squeeze through tiny holes in your cupboards to snatch your stored dried goods.

Why are Rodents Dangerous to Humans?

If you think rats and mice in Sydney only bring you destruction, you certainly need to learn more about them. These pests are capable of causing a fire in case they expose electric wires by gnawing.  In addition, they can spread many infectious diseases with a great number of bacteria that they carry.

The fact that rodents usually swarm or scavenge on dirty places makes them the filthiest creatures to ever enter your home. They contain numerous pathogens that they can spread in almost every part of your home exposing you to a serious level of contamination.

If you aren’t aware yet, contamination by rodents doesn’t just happen when they get access to your food and water. Apparently, they roam around your property and so they leave bacteria on your floors, sinks, furniture, and any of their pass through.

There are a lot of diseases that come with a rodent infestation. Unfortunately, most of them are really quite fatal in case you don’t get the treatment early. These health issues include Leptospirosis, Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome, Salmonellosis, Plague, Lassa fever, Hemorrhagic fever, Tularemia, and Rat-bite fever.

Not only do rodents cause property damages and spread infectious diseases. These creepy-crawlies are also hosts to other pesky infestations such as fleas, ticks, and lice. They can bring these parasites in your property and in no time they’ll grow in number and you’ll certainly face another irritating vermin.

Top 5 Signs of Rodent Infestation in Sydney

Sighting rats or mice running around could be rare as they usually hide from your presence. However, there are many ways to ascertain if they have already invaded your territory.

The following are the top 5 most common signs of rodent infestation:

  1. Droppings. Rat droppings are dark to light brown that looks like thin or skinny pellets with rounded ends and generally about 3/8 inches in length and 1/8 inches in diameter. On the other hand, mouse droppings are way smaller that looks like a dark grain of rice. You may usually notice their droppings around food packages, drawers, cupboards, crawl spaces, or under your sink.
  2. Gnawed Materials. Both rats and mice seem to have a non-stop gnawing activity to keep their teeth short. Hence you’ll discover gnawed or broken electrical wires and cords which can cause not just power outage but also fire. Moreover, you may also see chewed portions on your food packaging or containers as they try to consume your food supplies.
  3. Urine Odours. Rodents have a distinctly unpleasant musky urine odour. You can easily notice it if their infestation has gone too high.
  4. Noises. Rodents are nocturnal creatures and so they’re active at night when it’s too quiet. Hence, you’ll hear their sound as the scratch through your walls, ceilings, and roofs.
  5. Nests. Rats and Mice both build nests. Mice usually build it in high areas like the attics and ceilings. On the other hand, rats generally build it in burrows underground or in crawlspaces between walls and also subfloors. Their nests are usually made up of papers, twigs, fabrics, grass, and leaves.

7 Tips You Can Do to Prevent Rodent Infestation

Your home or property is a good place for rodents to nest, grow, and multiply. In fact, no human shelter in places they exist can ever be exempted from their infestation unless diligent preventive rodent control measures are in place.

Aside from being dangerous, rodents are undeniably quite challenging pests to confront. They multiply quickly and before you know it, they’ve already taken over your entire property. Moreover, they are really stubborn and likewise clever.

Given the nature and behaviour of these creepy rodents, it would really take more than your efforts to eliminate them. However, there are still things that you can do to prevent or minimise the activity of these pests in your place.

Here is the list of things you can do to prevent rodent infestation:

1.    Deny them access to your food

Rodents are certainly in your home for food. It’s the same if you are in the food business. Hence, you need to store your food supplies properly in hard and tight containers.

2.    Maintain neat and clean surroundings

Dirty surroundings are always attractive to rodents. Thus, cleaning inside and outside of your house or property regularly would make it uninviting for rodents. By this, you would clear your place of any scattered foods like rotten fruits that rats and mice would usually feast on.

3.    Dispose of your garbage regularly

Don’t accumulate your garbage in your garbage bins for days. It would be ideal to dispose of it every day and never let it stay overnight for rodents to feast on.

4.    Keep all areas dry and well-ventilated

Moisture attracts rodents and makes it a perfect environment for their breeding. Signs of moisture problems are rising damp and the presence of moulds that may have been caused by clogged drainage and ventilation system such as in your subfloors, attics, and basements.

5.    Trim trees and gardens around

Trees and gardens are the ideal hiding and nesting places for rats and mice. However, if winter comes, these pests will certainly migrate to your property for warmth and sustenance. Hence, trimming them will help to keep rodents away.

6.    Seal all possible entry points

Rats and mice can enter through the smallest cracks or opening that their bodies can fit in. They will find every possible access point not just at the ground level but also in your roof. Thus, you need a thorough inspection of the entire property to identify these holes and seal them with the right materials.

7.    Get help from rodent experts

If you’ve ascertained that rats or mice have already invaded your place, the best move is to contact pest control experts immediately for the right solutions. Not only do experts eradicate these pests, but they can also set up a prevention system to keep them out of your property.

Seek Professional Rodent Control: You Can’t Defeat Rodents Alone – Rodent Control Sydney

You can only do so much as maintaining cleanliness and denying rodents access to your food and home. However, in most cases, they seem to be quite strategic and will continue to stay no matter what. Hence, dealing with them, again and again, could be quite frustrating and daunting to the point of hopelessness.

Rodent infestation is one reason why pest control experts are present in your locality. Experts understand that pests like rodents are a huge problem in both homes and businesses. Hence, to completely eliminate them requires professionals that have the right knowledge and skills.

Only rodent experts can do a comprehensive inspection to locate all access points, hiding places, and breeding sites of rodents using modern methods. Similarly, they can provide the most effective treatment through an advanced trap and baiting system. Moreover, they can help you set up a prevention or barrier system to keep these pests from returning.

To choose the best rodent experts you need to choose the top-rated pest control. You may reach out to ABC Pest Control that has been the top choice in rodent control in entire Sydney. The team offers an affordable, safe, and effective treatment to put an end to your problem with rodents.

The danger of serious health issues that rodents bring is enough reason for you to hate these creatures. You just can’t allow them to stay another day and continue with their menace freely. Today is the day that they need to leave your property and stay away.

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