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The majority of Australia’s territory is covered with timber worthy for construction purposes. Therefore, the demand for materials that covers a lot of financial disadvantages like steel and concrete cement is significantly reduced.

Furthermore, a wide variety of wood is often used in the construction of residential homes. Moreover, the reasons for wood being used are for faster construction. As well as low labor requirements, and less carbon footprint.

There is a downfall though; termites and ants. These little pests burrow from outside to inside your home.

Therefore, homeowners tend to have a hard time getting rid of these pests as they require pest experts to handle them.


Termite Infestation on Mount Annan

Termites are a harmful kind of pest. Certainly, it is important to get thorough and regular check-ups of your home to find the early signs of termite infestation and activity. Immediately call a pest expert to handle the treatment process to reduce harmful risks these pests may inflict.

Temperatures and rain appear to have the most significant impact on behavioural action. As well as home’s age.

Therefore, if you stumble upon a termite nest in your house. Don’t disturb it until you’ve decided on a proper pest control program with a skilled pest control expert.

However, once they are disturbed, termites may abandon the area, proceed elsewhere and stay undetected.

Termites do not only eat away at structural timbers.

However, they’re also able to chomp their way through furniture, paper goods, fabrics, clothes, and footwear.

In addition, non-cellulose substances including soft plastics, construction sealants, and rigid foam insulation.


Termite Swarms

termite swarm is the group of insects that swarm upon your lights every night. It is an indication that your home or somewhere in your area is infested with termites.

When environmental conditions such as warm temperatures and higher humidity happen. This activates the instinct of their kings and queens to fly out of their colony to mate and begin a colony of their own. This is merely a pure survival instinct to keep the existence of these species.

Carpenter Ants

These pests usually construct their nests in moist, solid or decaying wood. Homes with moisture problems are prime targets for carpenter ants.

The insects may also use tree branches that overhang roofs as a bridge, so obtaining buildings to discover a means inside.

Carpenter ants chew through wood to create nests. However, they don’t eat wood like termites. They eat sweet foods, pet foods, and other insects. 

Carpenter ants are generally found in mountainous areas, nesting in trees, trees, and stumps.

They can also be found in man-made structures, such as wooden doors, ceiling beams, floor joists, beneath baths, and loft eaves.


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How Carpenter Ants Work

Carpenter ants build nests, they dig tunnels into timber, weakening it in the interior. A long-term infestation with numerous colonies at a house often means severe structural damage.

They excavate galleries in timber that have a sleek, sandpapered appearance. 

Shredded fragments of wood are ejected from the galleries via pre-existing cracks or split created by the ants. 

Carpenter Ant Swarm

Carpenter ant swarms normally happen in the spring and are a sure indication that a colony is nesting somewhere within the construction.

Winged carpenter ants may be distinguished from termites by their bigger size and contour of the antennae, wings, and waist.

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