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Hearing a weird rustling sound at night? That might be a pest sneaking its way to your valuable snacks or leftover food. First of all, having sight of these sneaky, pesky vermin it is recommended to take action right away. Get in touch with ABC Pest Control Spring Farm immediately!

A small number of pests can lead up to a colony when it is about rats, mice, and cockroaches. Homeowners find it hard to catch rats and mice as they are fast, agile, and can fit anywhere. Meanwhile, some are afraid or would rather leave it to pest experts to handle the issue.

ABC Pest Control being competent with experienced and licensed experts values its customers to provide quality pest control. As professionals, ABC Pest Control implements various effective methods to exterminate or live capture pests.

Rats and Mice Infestation

Rats and mice are extremely public health threats. They will make themselves at home in homes, sheds, garages, and gardens. 

In addition to causing unpleasant odours and harm to land and possessions, rodents may also pose a threat to human health.

Overall, rats live to forage and partner. Most rats are nocturnal, though the brown rat is frequently awake night or day.

Rats usually stick together in groups called packs. New packs are formed when a male and female go off on their own and nest in an area that doesn’t already contain a pack. 

Brown rats are usually led by the largest male in the pack. Other rats might have many dominant males or females in a pack.


Signs of Rodent Infestation


Found in banks, soft walls, under buildings, stacked materials, and roof insulations.


Found in small, tight, hard to reach places that rodents can fit in.


Greasy marks found on certain spots around the floor near walls.


Rustling, squeaking, thumping sound (like jumping or bumping), and scratching.


Scratched wooden furniture, food packets, containers, and cables.

Cockroach Infestation – Pest Control Spring Farm

It’s crucial to find a cockroach infestation whenever possible so that you can take action to stop them from multiplying and spreading and reduce the health dangers linked with this unhygienic pest infestation.

Cockroaches leave behind indications of existence that are simple to spot before you are very likely to observe a live insect. As nocturnal pests, cockroaches normally hide from sight throughout the day and just be active at night to look for food.

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Signs of Cockroach Infestation


You may observe cockroaches when turning on a light through the nighttime. 

Oriental cockroaches can deal with cooler, moist conditions and may be seen in drains or basements. Though less agile as German cockroaches, they could scale a surface like tough brickwork.

German cockroaches need heat and humidity and might be discovered around baths, laundry rooms, and kitchen areas. They’re also great climbers, scaling smooth surfaces such as glass & glistening metal with simplicity as a result of sticky pads on their toes. 

Unusual Foul Odor

Cockroaches defecate in which they reside and sleep, making a pheromone that attracts other cockroaches to congregate there. To us, it generates an unpleasant musty odour that taints surfaces and items that they come into contact with and becomes even more extreme as an infestation develops.

Skin Shed

Cockroaches lose their skins 5-8 days as they grow through the nymph phases to adults and increase in proportion. Start looking for those skins of varying dimensions in places that you suspect they’re sheltering.

Damaged Items

Start looking for odd signs of damaged items, not only on food packaging. Cockroaches will attack organic products such as paper and leather related items.

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