Top Solutions to Your Bird Control Problems in Sydney

Bird Control In Sydney
Bird Control In Sydney

ABC Pest Top Solutions For Bird Infestation – Pest Problems In Sydney

Bird control problems have been prevalent in the entire city of Sydney. They naturally live in trees and forests. Due to the ongoing threat and shortage with their natural habitat, these creatures have to find a more secure shelter to survive. In their persistent search for a home, they find your house or building a really nice place.

I’m sure you would agree that birds are undoubtedly fascinating creatures. However, birds could really be your real big problem at home or in business in Sydney. Most of the time, an owner would only think of the need for professional bird control experts when the infestation starts to cause them trouble.

There’s one thing that every home or business owner like you need to realise. That is, birds can bring more problems than their disturbing noise and their filthy droppings defacing the structure. In addition, these winged creatures also cause higher risk to safety and health than what you ever think.

Dangers Of Bird Infestation

The obvious danger of letting pest birds stay longer is that they create more and more damages to your roof and any part of the house where birds roost and nest. Not to mention that the longer they stay, the more in number they become which means more droppings and more dangerous bacteria and parasites that can transmit horrible diseases to your family, employees, and customers.

This article will give you full comprehension of everything that you need to know about bird problems in Sydney. Most importantly, you would know how you can win over your fight against these pesky pest birds.

I just had my problem with pigeons resolved a few months ago. Through research and with the help of professional bird control experts, I am now free from the stubborn bird infestation.

Every helpful information is worth sharing. From my personal experience, I’m pretty sure the following discussion on bird control will certainly be of great help to you.

What are the Pest Birds in Sydney?

Do you know that there are more than 300 bird species in Sydney? It’s quite surprising and most of these beautiful birds could really add life to your surroundings. A view of these creatures and their sounds help you forget the stress and pressure of your tedious daily routines.

On the other hand, some species have also been common trouble in Sydney homes and businesses. These birds have been considered pests because of the serious problems they bring to many residential and commercial areas in Sydney.

Top on the list of common pest birds in Sydney are pigeons, myna birds (Indian myna), starlings, seagulls, and sparrows.

Bird Species & Threats

Each of these species has been a huge headache to home and business owners. Their presence does not just cause damage to the structure but is also detrimental to your physical safety and health.

They are also known to carry other stubborn pests such as fleas and lice. Moreover, where there are birds there are rodents such as, rats that kill and eat birds.

The Clingy Pigeons in Sydney

Also known as “Rock Doves”, pigeons are generally domestic birds in Australia have caused many houses and buildings huge problems. These birds roost in higher areas and feed on grains. They are generally dependent on humans for their food and shelter. Thus, birds are commonly present in where there are agricultural products, feed mills, grain elevators, and warehouses.

In urban areas, you may see them in parks, buildings, bridges, houses, and all other structures where they can easily get access to food.

Pigeons become clingy to human territories when they get fed or provided with shelter. Therefore, the primary step you can take to avoid being infected with pigeons is not to feed them.

The Aggressive Myna Birds (Indian Myna) in Sydney

These species of birds are included in the world’s top 100 most invasive birds. If you had an encounter of these birds, you probably have experienced their aggressiveness. Aside from being too noisy, these birds are territorial and can attack you anytime if they get disturbed or if they want to snatch food.

They were introduced to Australia around mid of the 19th century. Birds helped with keeping down insects but later started becoming a problem as their population increased.

The Messy Starlings in Sydney

Introduced to Australia in the late 1850s, these omnivorous birds feed on insects, small fruits, and seeds. They feed on the ground making them more troublesome in cultivated fruit crops. In cities, birds have been causing major damage to homes and business with their droppings.

Their droppings make streets slippery and extremely dangerous for many passersby. Their nests have also been posing potential fire hazards. Their nests usually clog ventilation systems causing more problems with excessive moisture. Eventually, poor ventilation result in rapid mould growth in the structure.

The Hungry Seagulls in Sydney

Commonly present in coastal areas, seagulls are native to Australia and are one of the protected species under the Biodiversity Conservation Act 2016. These are beautiful creatures to watch but have been causing trouble to seaside residential and business establishments.

Some beachside bars and restaurant areas would even have a specific security team with patrol dogs. They have this team assigned to look after the safety of their guests from seagulls attack in their area as they dive in to steal foods.

Their droppings have also been a big problem destroying the beauty and weakening structure of homes and buildings.

The Competitive Sparrows in Sydney

Sparrows are small birds. The most common species that are considered pests and are associated with human territories in Sydney are house sparrows. Like pigeons, they generally depend on humans for their food and shelter.

They are aggressive, quarrelsome, and competitive birds that would attack and kill other birds even those larger than they are. Their droppings and nests could block gutters and roof drains. Moreover, birds pose fire hazards with their flammable nest materials.

What are the Signs of Bird Infestation in Sydney?

There are obvious signs of bird control problems in Sydney that you must be aware of. If you see these early indications of bird problem in your property, you better be quick. Take immediate action to address this trouble before they continue with further damage or risks.

Here is the list of six most common signs of bird infestation in Sydney:

  • Sights Of Birds

You will see them hanging around your property. Also, people may see them sleeping or already starting to build nests. It’s a sign of having a serious infestation soon.

  • Bird Droppings

Locals may see their droppings getting more and more every day. Usually on your roof, walls, or any flat surface within or around your property where they roost.

  • Bird Debris

Residents will have sightings of the accumulated debris of feathers and nest. These could clog or block your guttering and drainage system, which could further result in damp damage. Damp damage causes another serious problem which is the rising damp.

  • Frequent Bird Noises

Infested homes would hear frequent bird noises. Most of the time, you would hear this from their chicks.

  • Foul Odour

You would smell a foul odour in and around your properties which is certainly different from those caused by garbage or any rotting materials.

  • Bird Encounters

Finally, locals would eventually encounter the presence of other pests associated with birds such as flies, fleas, bird lice, or even rodents like rats and mice.

Top 10 Bird Control Problems in Sydney?

There are many problems associated with bird control in Sydney. Birds would build their nests in the roofs or ventilation areas of your house and building. The problems begin when they start to settle and increase in population.

The following are the 10 most common problems brought about by bird infestation.

  • Birds Can Break Your Roofs.

Bird droppings are quite highly acidic and can dislodge your roofs. It can penetrate or eat through any materials in your roof and walls resulting in the obvious weakening of the materials and in worst cases, they would cause breakage or collapse of the roofing structure.

  • They Can Cause Fire.

They usually build their nests in rain gutters or corner of the roofs where drains are located. Their nests are usually made of dried materials like leaves which are flammable and would cause a fire when built inside electric signs or machinery.

  • Birds Can Block Your Ventilation System.

Their nests built in your ventilation system can block airflow which further causes problems with excessive moisture in most parts of your property. You must be aware that poor ventilation systems can cause more problems like moisture and humidity that attract other pests like termites and cockroaches.

  • These Pests Can Block Your Drainage System.

Accumulated bird droppings and the debris from their feathers and nest in the roof can certainly clog the drainage system. This will eventually result in the overflow of water from the roof to the walls. Remember that the bird droppings that flow with water are acidic. Therefore, it poses potential damage to every part of the structure that the water flows through.

  • They Can Damage Your Machinery.

Birds would love to stay or even build nests to your home or business machinery. They would settle on and in your machines and equipment such as your air conditioning units. With this, they do not just cause physical damage but also make you prone to serious health risks.

Your air conditioning units are one of the most prone machines to pollution with birds. Polluted air, when released inside your room can cause serious allergies and respiratory problems. With that, you would need to have an air conditioning cleaning specialist to restore your safe and healthy cooling system.

  • They Consume and Contaminate Your Stored Food.

Birds are usually a big problem in businesses that store large food supplies such as grains and flours. They can consume the stocks and even break into sealed foods by pecking on it and would contaminate the rest with their droppings. Birds can get in the food storage areas through the doors, damaged roofs, and ventilation points.

  • Birds Can Damage the Surface Coatings of Your Walls and Automobiles.

With its acidic quality, bird droppings can deface the surface finishes of your walls and cars. Allowing their droppings to stay longer makes the damages to get even worse.

  • They Can Bring Serious Health Problems.

Bird droppings contain numerous bacteria that can cause serious health risks. The most common diseases associated with bird droppings are Histoplasmosis, Candidiasis, Cryptococcosis, Salmonellosis, St. Louis Encephalitis, and E.coli infection.

  • They Can Cause Safety Issues.

Droppings are dangerous as people may slip on them and fall. Birds can also attack any time they feel threatened. In commercial areas, it is known to drop pebbles they pick from the roof or the ground after realising that it has been mistaken for food.

  • These flying pests Carry and Attract Other Pests.

These pests are known to be carriers of various pests such as fleas, lice, and mites. Birds are also attracting the presence of rodents such as rats and mice which are another stubborn problem to confront. Rodents also eat grains. They kill and eat small birds and so they are wherever birds are.

10 Tips on Bird Control in Sydney

Dealing with bird infestation does not literally mean you have to trap and kill all of them. There are still laws in Australia that prevent any individual to harm and kill both domestic and wild birds.

Although these laws are quite strict on protecting bird species, there are still legal ways to fight their infestation.

Here are some of the helpful tips to prevent or control pest bird infestation in your property in Sydney:

  • Remove visible water sources around your property

Although birds drink less water than humans do, they still certainly get more attracted to your property even more if they have seen water supply. Birds drink at least twice a day and would bathe to keep their feathers and body healthy. So removing any standing or visible water areas would help minimise their presence.

  • Do not feed pest birds

Locals might also be fascinated when you see a flock of them around properties and you could not help but enjoy their presence and even feed them. Birds would love to go and stay in a place where they get food and you’re making your property prone to their infestation if you continue with providing them their daily meal.

  • Keep your property clean of food scraps or garbage

Birds are industrious scavengers. They would persistently search for food anywhere. They would usually be seen in areas scratching through garbage and eat anything they can like food scraps and worms that have grown in the accumulation of garbage. All your garbage bins should also be cleaned and covered properly.

  • Maintain well-trimmed trees and gardens around your property as these attract their roosting.

Birds are attracted to their natural habitat. Trees are their natural home and gardens are their favourite place to scavenge for seeds and worms. From their nests in trees, birds would extend their home in your houses and buildings when their population gets too large. Trimming or pruning trees and gardens enough to make these areas not suitable for their stay would keep your property from their swarm.

  • Hide or Stop using bird feeders.

Caring for desirable birds is really admirable but in case you notice a flock of pest birds coming every day, this would give you a problem later on. They will always go and stay wherever they find suitable for their survival and a good food source is always on top of their choice. If you have a pet, make sure to hide or cover their feeders so as not to give pest birds a way to access it.

  • Set up obstruction to a common bird nesting place.

You can prevent them from nesting in your property by setting up effective barriers such us in window ledges. Use spikes or sticky glues to wherever birds usually roost. These are surely safe but would discourage birds and prevent them from staying.

  • Maintain well-cleaned gutters.

You need to have a regular cleaning of your gutters. This is to keep it functional and to avoid water to stay stagnant that could invite birds for a drink. Gutters could be clogged with accumulated dust and debris that makes it inviting for birds to roost and stay.

  • Block off your doors.

You may sometimes be letting birds get in your property by just opening your door. Birds are quick and can fly into your house or building as soon as you open their way. To fix this, locals need to set up a thick plastic or rubber strips from your door frame to avoid their entry.

  • Seal all possible small external entry points.

Small birds like starlings and sparrows can sneak through tiny holes or opening in your house or building. They usually pass through your windows, ventilation openings, exhaust fans, and gaps in bricks and soffits. Sparrows are known to go through holes as tiny as a ¾ inch and the starlings can fit in as small as a one-inch gap or opening. You may block these entry points with materials such as plywood, wire mesh, or net.

  • Use powered strips.

You may use these flat and flexible electronic strips to irritate birds and keep them away. Powered strips set up on ledges will give birds a quick but painless vibration when they alight. Locals may purchase these strip in a variety of options. Try to choose the electricity or battery-powered or you may also choose the one that uses solar power.

Professional Bird Control Solutions in Sydney

Dealing with bird control problems in Sydney is certainly an overwhelming and daunting task for everyone. You can only do so much to maintain cleanliness and sanitation. However, it could be more terrible in the case of a persistent and higher level of infestation. In this case, locals might need to seek help from professional bird control experts.

Professional bird control experts can provide you with the most effective bird-proof that will keep away birds without harming or killing them. Before every treatment is applied, experts shall need a comprehensive inspection to identify the coverage of the infestation and apply the most appropriate and most effective solution.

The following are the most effective expert bird control methods for both homes and businesses:

  • Netting System.

Anti-bird netting is one of the most common bird exclusion methods. Pest control experts would set up a net in outside eaves, wall vents. As well as roof openings to prevent bird entry to your property. The most common is a small mesh with at least 1 or 2 centimetres squares. They come in many types, shapes. And colours. It’s made up of the most durable materials that can easily be maintained. The top materials used are usually high-quality nylon and steel.

  • AVI Strand Wire System.

Some home and business owners may not prefer bird netting because it alters the beauty of their property. AVI strand wire is one alternative that does not spoil the house or building appearance while preventing birds from roosting. This is set up on ledges, sills, cornices, and other perching points. It has plastic-coated wires that release tension when birds try to alight shooing them away.

  • Electronic Shock Track System

The use of electronic shock wires provides a mild low-voltage electronic shock to birds’ feet when they alight on them. This method is really very effective but is not harmful to birds. The electric shock does not cause any physical harm and will just make a dangerous impression to birds for them to stay away from the area.

  • Stainless Steel Spikes.

Another effective physical barrier that prevents birds from perching on your property is the use of stainless steel spikes. It can be installed easily and is built with durable stainless steel. This barrier requires no maintenance and does not wear or tear. The spikes give light to medium pressure that does not harm birds but is enough for them to fly away.

  • Baiting Programs.

Professional bird control experts also use baiting systems that are in compliance with the Australian bird control regulations. The process involves feeding birds with food containing a substance that certainly helps in the easy capture of birds. This method is used particularly in a larger population of pest birds.

  • Perimeter Roof Proofing.

By using an aluminum gutter guard in the perimeter of your roof, you can keep a bird-proof house or building. This method has been proven effective in preventing birds and even rodents from entering your property through your roof.

Seek Help from the Best Bird Control Experts in Sydney

They have been playing an important role in the balance of our ecosystem. This is the reason why most of their species have been protected by our government environmental laws. However, some of them can really be harmful to you when they begin to invade your territory.

Shooing birds to fly away from your properties through many modern methods does not mean you‘re being harsh to these creatures. For as long as you follow the government’s bird control regulations carefully, you’re on the right track.

Having a safe and healthy home or business is your responsibility. When birds are starting to compromise your physical and health security. Therefore, you need to do something immediately.

Contact An Expert Today

Do not hesitate to seek professional help from a trusted. As well as reliable bird control experts.

I would not have resolved my problems with pigeons if not because of the friendly and professional bird control experts that came to help me.

If you need a top-rated service for bird control in Sydney. Try to partner with ABC Pest Control. This team has been servicing the entire Sydney for so many years. They have a solid reputation for providing the most cost-effective solutions to bird problems. You may check their website for more details.

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